Saturday, June 8, 2013

He Asked Me What's Up Like He Was My Best Friend


Today, Michael asked me if I knew anybody who liked him and I said no, even though I know Alexandra, his other ex-girlfriend, likes him.  I don't want them to go out cuz then Alexandra will be a snob to me.  Ryan said he liked me as a friend and I liked that cuz I do kinda like him.  Alan, this popular boy asked me what's up like he was my best friend and I just walked away cuz I barely know him and I don't think he really likes me.  Nobody called me a skank today.  Yay!


I was obviously obsessed with Michael for the vast majority of sixth grade because he continually asked me out and dumped me, essentially every week.  As for Alan, I recall he was just being nice.  He probably thought I was a real asshole.  Also, I have a feeling I was a little disappointed that nobody called me a skank that day.

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