Saturday, June 8, 2013

He Touched My Right Breast Over My Shirt

Me on this exact night (note: boy I'm standing next to was not
the boy mentioned in this entry)

Today was a camp dance!  The funny thing was that I didn't exactly dance.  I went with Tiffany and Ray, wearing black and gold pants, a rock belt, sparkly heels, and a sparkly red one shouldered shirt.  Girls were making fun of me, and when Tiff's shirt broke, we decided we had to change.

And so we were searching for Tim.  We couldn't find him.  I found him alter talking with my friends.  We left the dance and went behind a tree and made out.  He touched my right breast but over my shirt, which was fine with me.  His CIT Eddy was dumped so he was singing a song since he was thinking he was going to screw her.

Note: Why was Tim's counselor following us everywhere?

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