Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Always Fall For Bad Boys


Drew called me today!  It's like we're dating without the title or commitment.  He is so sweet!  (Yuko says I shouldn't date him).  But guess what? he said he was "cruising on the highway" with his friend earlier.  And he only has a learner's permit!  I always fall for bad boys.  He says (jokingly) that he wants to "kidnap" me and take me from the horrible stuff I have to deal with.  And he's running away this summer to an anime convention in California!

Notes:  Okay, I'm not sure what I found attractive about this guy, other than the fact that he was four years older than me.  But then again, he liked to kidnap thirteen-year-olds and enjoyed anime, so obviously he was a real winner.

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