Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Hate Myself More Than I Hate Jessica Marconi


The whole world is fake and plastic and the media is fake and plastic and even my fucked up songs are fake and plastic.  I'm an old maid and I am NEVER EVER EVER going to get another boyfriend or kissed another boy.  It's been more than 6 months since I last kissed a boy.  How can this happen to someone so beautiful?  Get this, media!  Get this, all boys who don't talk to me!  YOU ARE MAKING ME WISH I WAS NEVER BORN!  Tim, I am so pissed at you!  I wish I could go straight down to Tampa right now and punch you till you fell to the ground, and then I would beat up all the boys who never thought of me as a girlfriend AND all the boys who once loved me and then forgot about me.

What happened to us, Drew?  I wish we were in writing class right now.  I wish we were there, just having fun, with all those snotty bitches from my school looking at me with a junior.  I wish I were somebody else who liked herself.  How can I think I'm so beautiful but hate myself so much?  I hate myself even more than I hate Jessica Marconi.  If we were fighting, she would deserve to win because she's better than I am and she is so on top of things and I'm a fucking mess who's been worn out and who's never going to kiss a boy.

Note: What the fuck?  Why did I call myself an old maid when I was thirteen?  And I'm not sure why I was so mad at Drew here (the guy who wanted to kidnap me and take me to an anime convention).  I had already had crushes on about four new guys before this post.

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