Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Told Him If He Didn't Let Me Speak Italian, I Would Tell Mom

My little brother, Max, was being so difficult today.  I've been reading this book to him a little bit every day and today he begged me to play with him.  I suggested I read him some of the book and we read two chapters.  Then, a really good chapter came up and he refused to let me read it to him.  Then, I suggested I teach him some Italian by speaking to him in Italian.  He refused, even though he actually likes doing that.  Then, we got into a fight about this all, and he siad "I hate you" half jokingly.  And I told him if he didn't let me speak Italian or read the book with him, I would tell mom.  But he still refused.

Unfortunately, Mom didn't make him listen to the story or speak Italian with me, but I didn't care because I knew we would end up doing that later in the vacation.

Note: I had just learned to speak Italian, not surprisingly, and I loved bestowing this knowledge to my six-year-old brother, who evidently didn't have a great interest in the romance languages.  How dare he.

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