Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Won't Rest Until I Found Out This Case

"some Tuesday in Jan. 2001"

I think Rocky might be making fun of me.  If Rocky is making fun of me, he's on the "kill" list.  (later added in a different marker, "I don't have one, though" just in case someone actually did murder Rocky and the police happened to find my diary).

What happened was a girl he's friends with pointed at me and said "look" I said "what" and she's all "Nothing".  If it was really nothing, why is she laughing.  Rocky was with her.  Iw ill admit I like Rocky, but what's up with her?  Is she making fun of me or does Rocky like me and she's teasing him about it.  I won't rest until I find out this case.  (Which will take a long time).

Note: Spoiler alert, I never figured out if Rocky was making fun of me.

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