Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm So Much More Interesting Than Dumb Saori


I coreographed a dance to my song and used the song and dance to try out for the talent show.  Mrs. Goldberg said we didn't get in because we were off by a few seconds with the dance moves.  Seriously, it's a 7th grade talent show!  We don't even need to be talented, and if it was so bad, how come all the kids, even the popular ones, liked it?  And believe me--Marrissa Coppolla would never say anything good about me unless she really means it.

And guess who got in?  Saori, with her perfect flute act.

I'm so much more interesting than dumb Saori.  Wouldn't people rather see a person, not a shadow of a person who wasn't really that interesting to begin with.  You could be better than Mozart at the age of two, and I still wouldn't spend a penny on seeing someone play classical music.

Note: In this entry, I failed to point out that my singing/dancing existed without any backup music, so it was just a bunch of kids singing and moving their bodies around.  In retrospect, Saori probably deserved that part in the talent show.  Good job, Saori.

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