Saturday, June 8, 2013

Interrogating the Girls About the Twizzlers

Me and Liz, my partner in crime


Yesterday, Rachelle (counselor) left a gigantic open bag of twizzlers in my cubbie.  The girls are like, "Lexi, can we have some?" I said, "They're not mine, so I don't care."  But I didn't take any.  I thought they were Rachel's.  (They were).

But they ate them anyway.  When Rachel found out, she yelled at them and I let it slip that I told them the Twizzlers weren't mine.  We all thought Jenna was mainly eating them.  She was really going defensefull and I thought it was annoying.  Rachel ended up crying.  Molly Remy and I went interrogating the girls about the Twizzlers case.

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