Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jason Dumped Me


I have so much to say!  Jason dumped me.  I mean, what's his problem?  I knew from the moment he began this indifference that something was happening.  I was going to dump him, but I was told to wait a week.  Then he dumped me!

And he had this idea for almost two weeks into the past.  He told all of our friends and they didn't tell me that he was dumping me.  And I wasn't even allowed to tell them we were dating!  I hate him.  And guess what?  Here's WHY he dumped me.  His old girlfriend from Long Island emailed him saying she never dumped him so he said he was losing interest anyway and went for her.  Jerk.  I wonder what she looks like.

Note: This is the same guy I was crying over for the entirety of sixth grade, and I'm not sure why I was so surprised that he dumped me for the fourth time in seventh grade.  But regardless, why wasn't I allowed to tell my friends we were dating?

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