Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Mom Has a Psychiatrist, But She's Not Crazy


Guess what?  I know why those guys called me a skank.  Guess who figured it out?  my moms psycaetrist.  She's not crazy.  Here's the story:

On my way out, the guys always jump off this hill at LMK.  They were jumping of and when I saw them, I stepped next to this girl Carla for protection.  Carla doesn't really know me, so she ditched me and then they said stuff like "Skanky, Skankeriffic" and other stuff just like that.  Their friend Juan saw me on his way out and get this: he has no idea what his "friends" are doing to me.  But hey, once guys find out, these guys will stop.  But hey, I don't care if they stop or not.  They kind of make my day, interestingly.  But a whole soap opera between me and them for Juan will be interesting.  But here's why I no longer care:

My mom told her psychaitrist.  He said they are sexually insterested in me (as in girlfriend) cuz remember, they whistled "said flirty stuff at me" at the beginning of the year.  I gave them a dirty look and they probably dont' want to get a dirty look for something like flirting cuz they'd look like damn idiots (sorry).  So they just decided the only way I'd pay attention to them in a way that makes them look tough is by insulting me.


In this entry, I finally admit I kind of love being called a skank, for whatever reason.  I also can't seem to spell "psychiatrist".  I also want to point out that Juan never really gave a fuck about what his friends were calling me, and no "soap opera" between the two groups ever happened.

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