Friday, June 28, 2013

Sexual Baseball Field

One of my favorite things here is that the guy who's feeling up the girl on 2nd base is kneeling?  Also note the imaginary bases I made up, like "Shortstop" and "Batting Cage":

Batting Cage: People who haven't done naything at all but who want to
Standing up to bat: Having kissed on the cheek or lips
1st base: simple: French kissing
In between 1st and 2nd: a.) touching someone's butt, b.) feeling someone up over the shirt for like 2 seconds.
2nd base: Feeling someone up under the shirt or under the bra, or over the shirt with no bra
Sloppy 2nd: sucking boobs
Shortstop: Touching genitals over underwear
3rd base: Fingering or hand job
Sloppy 3rd: Oral sex
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