Saturday, June 8, 2013

She Almost Stuck A Hotdog Somewhere

I was feeling all happy till Suzy came by, laughing meniacly.  With her menacing lisp, she said, "You guys are gonna hate me for what I did.  I kind of ratted on your pretty pony club."  I cried within myself, hoping I wouldn't get kicked out.  We all hate Allie now.

So we had a little "chat" with the camp owner.  He asked about exposing ourselves, and of course Suzy immediately said she didn't do anything, even though she did.  She almost stuck a hotdog somewhere it shouldn't have been, and flashed her entire naked front to a girl and a boy.  AND she flashed one completely naked breast to a boy, and I was so furious that she lied like that.  So I told all about what she did.

Note: I guess some girl named Suzy ratted me and my friends out about us flashing gay guys on a balcony.  To get back at her, we ratted her out for masturbating with the dining hall hotdogs.

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