Friday, June 28, 2013

Some People Just Aren't Meant to Get Married


Hey guess what?  I’ve given up.  I’ve just plain given up.  Some people aren’t meant to get married.  And I’m one of them.  I used to picture myself as a happy mother with three beautiful children, living in either New Jersey or Ohio.  But I’ve come to a conclusion, which is that I’m going to get filthy rich writing touching novels and I’m going to live alone.  Of course, I’ll want children so I’d either have sex with a good guy friend once and never again, or adopt or get artificial insemination.  See?  Things DO work out.  And for romantically-challenged writers like me, that works.

Note: First off, why was I so hell-bent in living in two of the least glamorous states in the country? Second of all, if being a "filthy rich writer" was merely the option I'd settle for, I obviously had pretty high standards for what my life would become.

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