Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Most Depressing Book Outline Ever


Ideas For Book

1.) Pregnancy test in bathroom stall
2.) George expelled
3.) Baby delivered
4.) disowned
5.) Illegal party, Karen news
6.) orphanage
7.) Karen gets abortion
8.) Miranda's husband dead, becomes prostitute
9.) Attempted murder of Becka's adopted parents
10.) Karen suicide
11.) Julia sick
12.) owned again, taken to church out of jail
13.) Lives w/older sister of Karen and husband
14.) Foster parents meet older sister
15.) George killed in car crash and drunk driving
16.) Move to farm
17.) Kayla moves.
18.) Move to city
19.) Kayla almost killed, Miranda killed
20.) Becka's friend dies
21.) Speech at church
22.) Becka's friend pregnant.
23.) Date for Becka
24.) Baby born.

Notes: Okay, obviously I was planning to write the best book ever.  I mean, I was eleven and basically had no life experience, but I was ready to tackle a story which seems to include a teenage pregnancy, jail time, a move to a farm that was later abandoned, drunk driving deaths, murder, abortion, and "illegal parties".  I'm only sad this story never came to fruition.


  1. I don't know why but I am laugh-crying at this.

    1. This is actually my personal favorite. I vaguely recall writing it, and then thinking "This is the best idea ever" and then never even starting the book!