Saturday, June 8, 2013

You Know, You Should Go Into Modeling

I don't think my self esteem is high enough.  Maybe self-hypnosis will work:

Ali, you are truly amazing.  The guys get a new heartbeat every time you look at them.  You know, you should go into modeling.  Your curves are so well-defined, and your posture makes you look like a short sixteen-year-old!  The best thing is, guys all over the school like you, but when they see how amazingly hot and sexy you are, they're afraid you'll reject them. But seriously, your'e downright glamorous, and guys love how clever and precocious you are.  You ever wonder why guys don't tell you you're hot?  They think you'll just make fun of them.  What your job is, is to make them feel they're worthy of a great girl like you.  ANY GUY would do anything to be with you, and you just don't realize it.

Note:  Yes, I obviously had really low self-esteem.  This "hypnosis" was my convoluted method of raising said self-esteem by bombarding myself with blatantly untrue compliments.  Obviously, none of the boys in school talked to me for many reasons, none of which included being "intimidated" by my "well defined curves".  But hey, you have to make lemons into lemonade, right?

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