Saturday, June 8, 2013


For some reason, I felt the need to write my camp journal entirely in a secret language I invented.  Unfortunately, more than ten years later I have no idea what any of this meant.  Luckily, I abandoned this language after the first entry.  Any linguistics specialists who want to decode this for me, feel free:


  1. "I will be going to camp in about 3 days. The 25th is my last day of summer. No more summer! I'm just worried about being nice to my family. My mom is always criticizing the way I dress. She thinks I'll be raped! That is so dumb!I'm very, well, not really VERY, but I am not very sexy. Anyway, we'll just SEE about that! I will write in here every day in camp, at night. This will tell you everything that happens to me (GOOD STUFF) with guys, even though I have a boyfriend already! (He'll never know, though.)"

    My GOD, that was fun. I'm no linguist, just a camp counselor well-versed in the ridiculousness of children, and former ridiculous child myself. Best I can tell, all of the consonants are substituted for ones either directly before or after themselves, ignoring vowels.

    This blog is amazing.

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you. That sounds about right. The "boyfriend" i had was this kid named Alex who went to see Spiderman with me (I had previously seen it with a different boy who also never called me back, which I thought was kind of cool). Alex never kissed me or anything, and then disappeared for no reason, so technically I still had a "boyfriend"...but not really. I later became friends with Alex in high school and never discussed why he stopped speaking to me, but he turned out to be a nice person!

  2. That's some incredible memory you've got there! This kind of makes me afraid to look at my own old diaries...