Friday, July 26, 2013

Blackmail = Best Friendship Approach

That angry little poem from yesterday wasn’t finished.  I was pissed because my natural rhythm wasn’t flowing at the time.

I found out from Sammy that she’s nervous about what the French Woods kids will think of her this summer.  Because I’m popular there (I mean, I have my troubles there, but so do all popular girls) that means if she’s in my bunk, I control how popular she gets.  If I really want to make friends with her again (which I do), I’m going to help her, so hopefully she’ll get me into the popular group that she belongs to when we’re both at Harrison High School.  That is if I don’t get in at the Masters School.  But I really hope Shaggy doesn’t tell her about what he did with me.  And if he does, I can tell her not to tell a soul from school or I’ll tell her mom she wears heavy black eyeliner to school!

Notes: Where to begin?  First of all, the comment about my "natural rhythm" came from the fact that I was going through the phase where I was an aspiring rapper.  No joke needed.

As for my claim that I was "popular" at camp, I'm not sure what I was smoking, but I was probably one of the least popular people at my camp--but slightly more popular than I was at school, so I guess I had to tell myself I was popular in order to prevent total hopelessness.  As for "what Shaggy did with me", he was some kid at my theater camp who I flashed my Limited Too training bra to.  Apparently this was reputation-ruining and I feared that in a camp of hundreds of kids, Shaggy would seek out Sammy just to tell her what a whore I was.

Spoiler alert, Sammy never went to French Woods.

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