Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Knee Socks Fiasco


I wore knee socks to school which was stupid.  As soon as this bitchy little 7th grader saw me in my skirt and schoolgirl knee socks she gave me the dirtiest look.  I felt so sad but not THAT bad because she was younger than I am.
Then as soon as I got to homeroom, nobody notices those socks except Jessica, Cynthia and Stephanie, the three most bitchy popular girls in the homeroom.  Jessica pokes Cynthia and points at me.  They both laugh.  Then Stephanie catches on and they all laugh.  When I turn around and glare at them, they go blank.  I WAS SO MAD!  So I talked to Mary Hill and she tells me that the socks are cute and it doesn’t matter what they think.  When AJ heard about the 7th grader, he’s like “well you should have slapped her.”  And even though I don’t like him anymore, I still think he’s hot so I blushed.  Luckily nobody noticed that.
I ended up rolling down my socks and looking like an idiot, but not a noticeably idiotic idiot.

Note: I wound up writing an insipid short story about the knee socks incident, except I added this imaginary part where a rock star came to the school wearing knee socks, and suddenly everyone wanted to borrow mine.  Unfortunately, it won some kind of writing award and my language studies teacher read it aloud to the whole grade.  They laughed at me.

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