Friday, August 9, 2013

A Song About Love, By 13-Year-Old Me

I wrote this song in eighth grade about my "materialistic" ex-boyfriend, Isaac.  While he didn't actually make money (I mean, he was thirteen) he had a job at a golf course which according to me, took up all his time and made him a money-obsessed grinch.  The "luxuries" he could afford to give me (like a necklace from Payhalf, or dinner at City Limits Diner) weren't the most important thing to me, I insisted:

You gave me Godiva
You gave me a Coach wallet
AN dwhen we got dinner, you
Would pay for all of it.

You gave me what you thought was love.
You gave me designer for my birthday
Store-wrapped, labeled bag, signature ribbon

Money, not my thing
Baby, all I wanted was you.
All I wanted was you.
I didn’t want expensive things
I just waned love from you.
Wanted love from you.


Baby if you wanna spend all your cash
Baby if you wanna leave me alone
Baby if you wanna leave me hanging on
With money in my hands and a new shirt
Baby if you wanna miss all my calls
Baby if you wanna pay for foregiveness
Baby if you wanna make love to your job
Baby, good luck in business.

You shopped with me everywhere
You bought everything
Your mind wasn’t anywhere
But on material things.

You gave me what you thought I desired
You gave me beautiful jewelry
But no kiss when you handed the package to me.

Prechorus/chorus 2x

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