Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dear God, Am I Hot?


Dear God,

Did Joe really mean what he said?  Nobody has ever called me hot before and not as a joke.  Joe and I are friends, but will I sound dorky if I asked him what he meant?  He probably was just joking.  He's really nice to me, so maybe he meant it.  But I doubt it cuz even though I like him, and even though he jokes around w/me and we like the same things, he was probably just joking.  I don't want to give up anything, but I want tomorrow to be great.  Please make at least one of these things happen:

1.) a guy calling me hot (and meaning it)
2.) Me getting a long-lasting boyfriend
3.) Joe or any other guy obviously flirting (and meaning it!)

None of these wishes have ever come true, so maybe magic will do it!  Amen!


P.S. Please!

Notes: I blame my parents not bringing me up with religion, but I guess I thought God was some kind of magic fairy who granted wishes.  Specifically, wishes about boys going up to me and calling me hot.

As for Joe, he was the most popular boy in our grade and definitely not my "friend", although we were in the same homeroom and occasionally spoke.  Him calling me hot was almost certainly a mean-spirited Carrie-esque joke.  

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