Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Edward Is Obviously Madly In Love With Me


Edward is obviously madly in love with me.  I appreciate it, but sometimes it's just 2 much.  His friends used a chair to block the way to the garbage can in the cafeteria.  I was sick o this, so I deliberately just stepped on the chair to get out.  I think it was a sexy thing to do--if only I was wearing the pants I'll wear tomorrow.

My good friend Kristin told me that a lot of people in the school think I am a slut.  I admit I used to be, kinda, but I was trying to make a sexy impression on all the kids but I guess sexy turns to slutty or "skanky" as those guys would say, which they haven't said in a long time.  I feel guilty for liking this sexual harrassment.  I just figure all the other girls would hate it.

When I was sitting on a banister, Ed's friend is all, "I dare you."  Ed's like, "What?" and his friend points to me, I say what, and then Nat and his friend run away quoting me.  I just said, "Go figure."  Also, Laura insulted me for no reason.

Me: (joking) I've said the F-curse in my mind before.
L: (gives look)
Me: What's that for?
L: I wanted you to see that.
Me: What have I done to you?  Why did you just insult me?
L: (shrugs)
Me: So you just feel like it?
L: No, you don't know that.
Me: Well, it's pretty obvious.

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