Friday, August 9, 2013

Even If It's With A Guy Who Barely Speaks English


Today is the day I’ve feared for months.  Isaac just called.  We broke up.  He said, “I’m breaking up” instead of “We’re breaking up” and I cried a little but not on the phone.  It was just a shock to me.
Anyway, I kind of have other boys in mind.  I really am not all that crushed.  Sure, I’m not all that happy but he said 8 months is a long time for a couple our age and it wasn’t for nothing.  He said he just grew apart and that I didn’t do anything.  And I’m really surprised at how the only reason I’m mad is because I was going to break up with him first.

I think I’m already over it.  And now I have emotional and sexual experience to start a new loving relationship—even if it’s with a guy who barely speaks English. (AJ will learn better) but right now I just want to see who wins in the end. 

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