Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Hate Gary



Gary's been a jerk, so I started flirting w/his friend.  About five hours (5 HRS!) after we met, Jake calls me up and asks to see a movie w/me!  I stupidly didn't ask about timing or what the heck this movie even IS!

But I hate Gary so now I can fall in love again.


I'm not sure which emotion is more unnecessarily strong: saying I hate Gary for no particular reason, or "falling in love" with this Jake kid, who I met once.


Today it's Memorial Day Vacation.  I'm in my summer house.  I don't know whether I should call Jake or not.  We plan to go see a movie next Tuesday, so there's no reason for me to call him except that I'm in love with him.

If there's no reason to call a guy before your first date except for the fact that you're in love with him, you should probably not call.

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