Friday, August 9, 2013

I Need to Save Him From Himself


Hopefully tomorrow Tony will either kiss me or ask me out!  We REALLY REALLY need to be alone somewhere.  Maybe after lunch we could chill in the green room.  I need to kiss him really badly and I am the stupidest most obsessed lovesick teenager in the world but he’s straight out of Grease and he’s like a combination of Johnny Depp and John Travolta (even though they’re both old).  He’s a great runner and a poet.  This is so important to me and I need to save him from himself…but to be honest, I just want to kiss him really really badly..A LOT!  And then date him.  Because he’s really hot and romantic and seemingly perfect for me and seeing him always brightens up my day.  He can drive, (in New Jersey, New York laws don’t let him).  If only one day he kissed me…or if he asked me out…

Ever seen a really dumb-looking teenage girl and wonder what goes on in her head?  This.

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