Monday, August 12, 2013

The Internet and AIM Are My Only Connection to the Outside World


You know WHY I’m writing in here?  That FUCKED UP piece of SHIT called a laptop won’t work.  I hate my laptop.  I hate everyone who works for McAffee Virus whatever.  I hate everything right now.  Whoever did this to my computer—and if it’s me, then never mind—I hope he drops down—randomly—DEAD.  They just deserve to die.  MY ENTIRE FUCKING SOCIAL LIFE IS DEPENDANT ON AIM.  And if that doesn’t work, what happens next?  I’ll lose all my friends—my life goes down the drain.  I HOPE WHOEVER IT WAS DIES!!!!  Why do people love to make me cry?  And Mom is taking advantage of how boarding means the world to me by using it as bait to get me to do even the dumbest things.  FOR EXAMPLE: “Lexi, stop yelling about the laptop or I won’t let you board.”  What the FUCK?!  What does she think she is?  The Internet and AIM- that is my only connection to the outside world.  Without that, there’s a possibility of me losing my mind and doing “other things” to entertain myself, like chipping paint off walls.  WHA THE FUCK?!?!?
You know what else I hate?  My laptop.  But I need it.  It’s a weird little relationship.  I hate you.  I hate you.  I HATE HATE HATE you.  I don’t even know who I’m referring to.  But when I’m feeling like this, nothing can distract me.  I think even in this mood, I could just strangle someone.  I’m absolutely furious.  I hope all virus people (who make viruses) DIE!!! (Please don’t take this seriously).
P.S.  FUCK!!!!!!!

In conclusion, AIM was very important.

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