Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Girl Who Took Pot


I feel guilty.  I did not cheat on a test, nor do drugs.  It's just that the "losers" as my mom calls them, did NOT call me a skank this week.  For some reason, I am disturbed by that.  I kind of like it when they say it, kinda.  If I have the chance to shoot them a dirty look, I like it.  When I  don't like it is when I can't get out of it, but I feel guilty for liking this.

I do not want a reputation as a skank.  But yet, it's okay when a group of kids call me one.  I'd be upset if a girl called me one, but with guys, I don't give a damn (sorry).

I know this girl in 8th or 7th grade who took pot.  Her friend told me at drama club.  They think I should go to a dance club with them.  I'd be scared cuz I heard there are drugs there.  My parents said only with adult supervision

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