Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Just Want To Do It So I Know That I've Done It


AHH!! I’m still a virgin!  I’m 15 for Pete’s sake, I should have taken care of that LAST YEAR. I was just talking to my friend Jamie, who’s a freshman and it turns out she lost hers in 8th grade!  I rack my brain and try to think of a truly beautiful girl who hasn’t had sex and I can’t bring any to mind.  Dammit!

I must be ugly or something because I’m still a sad virgin.  There’s no way I can sound cool when I’m a virgin.  Girls do it when they’re 14, it seems like a fact.  I’m 15, for Goodness Sake and I haven’t even given a blowjob.  If that’s not sad, what is?

I know I’m being melodramatic but it’s just pissing me off now.  There’s Marie, Hannah and Kara.  Jessica Simpson is the one pretty girl I could think of who’s still a virgin but it was HER CHOICE.

I’m really a sad case because I want to have sex and still haven’t.  Boys are supposed to do that, not girls.  Girls are supposed to be like, “Oh, so many boys want to have sex with me, but I’m not ready.”  I can’t imagine not being ready.  And I made plans with Jamie to have tea in my room so she can tell me all her problems, but the more I think about it, I just want to have sex and go to sleep.  As crazy as it sounds, I’m just not in the mood to chat with a beautiful non-virgin who claims to have problems.  Maybe that wasn’t fair, I know for a fact that Jamie’s problems are real.  But I’m just really frustrated.  It’s not that I’m horny—I’m not.  I just want to do it so I know that I’ve done it.  That may sound terrible, and I’m afraid the Lord will be angry at me but I almost had sex with Isaac—why couldn’t I have had sex with Tony or someone I liked?

Really pretty girls who are virgins:
1.) Bethany
2.) Larissa
3.) Karen
4.) Charlotte
5.) Lori?  I hate her, true, but she is pretty.  I don’t know if she is a virgin or not.
6.) Kyla
7.) Margaret
8.) Caitlin?
9.) Priya?
10.) Shalina
11.) Me, if I’m even pretty.

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