Sunday, February 8, 2015

An Extremely Angry Six-Year-Old

Saterday 6/29/1996

I am out in Pepsi.  I spyed a little bit with my banakyalers.  Some tenagers were just haning around.  I don' now why the tenagers were haning around.  I saw a goose.  It was walking aroudn a tabel.  For no reesin.

My mommy is always getting me exited and then saying something to make me unexited.  She siad "Alexandra we will bake muffins."  Then I got exited so I washed my hands.  I went back in the kitchen.  Then she siad, "I am gowing to a stor."

Timmy is so crazy if I were him I would bobm the Erth!

Katie thinks she is so cool she wairs neal-polish to school and camp evry day!

Linda is defetly not like a girl.  She takes coroty lessons after school.  She says she is a boy!!!!

Anna is so anoying if I were her I would hang myself!

Nothing is worst nothing is more worst than being Cory.


These entries are actually from first grade (the only ones I'll ever post- there weren't very many of them).  As you can see, I liked writing death threats to other people in my own diary. 

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