Sunday, February 8, 2015

His Bad Points Are As Follows

I definitely think that to get over Nathan, I need to start by not daydreaming about all the times we made out.  So, in order to get over him in six days, I need to do the following things:

1.) Think of his bad points
2.) Distract myself
3.) Don't allow fantasies
4.) Revamp my personality
5.) Stop going places hoping he'll be there
6.) Have dinner with Yana one of these days
7.) Stop trying to get revenge.

His bad points are as follows:

1.) Insecure, can't take a compliment
2.) Not romantic
3.) Never took the initiative
4.) Kind of a prude sometimes
5.) Troubled
6.) Doesn't trust anybody
7.) Judgmental
8.) Fragile ego
9.) Bad skin (me too, but whatever)
10.) Vain
11.) Kind of feminine
12.) Relating to #11, quest to be a "man"
13.) Only has one friend
14.) In love with his one friend
15.) Has unrealistic dreams
16.) Self-destructive
17.) Cares what BOYS think about him
18.) Shirts are too small
19.) Wasn't actually THAT good in bed
20.) Talked about me behind my back
21.) Conflict-averse
22.) Apathetic
23.) Agreed with me when he didn't want to fight


First of all, I want to make it clear that Nathan wasn't "THAT good in bed" because we never even came close to having sex.  Also, it took me another six months to get over him.

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