Why Are the Posts Out of Order, and Who's Max?

The posts on this blog are out of order.  Big flippin' deal.  I wasn't able to gather everything from sixth grade before moving onto seventh grade, so as you can see, sometimes the timing jumps around a little.

To make it easier, click "sixth grade", "seventh grade" and so on, and you'll be able to see all the posts from each year.

Now, you might want to know who people in the diary are.  Here are some of the more important figures:

1.) Max: my brother.  Six years younger.

2.) Polly: Max's and my nanny from England.

3.) Danielle and Julie: Our cousins.  Julie is my age, and Danielle a few years older.

4.) Jessica Macroni: My nemesis.  I still hate her.  Jessica, you blow!

5.) Drew: an older boy from my after-school writing class who I had a major crush on in eighth grade.

6.) Isaac: my first "real" boyfriend, who I dated throughout eighth grade

7.) Tony: My ninth-grade boyfriend.  We only dated for one month but I was basically obsessed with him for the whole year.

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